New Photos

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kent-1312-Edit copy 2some shots from a shoot by ben pigao from 13b photography. the model is kent sasaki. love them!

kent-1335-Edit copy


Now selling at…

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currently on a three month trial consignment so if you are in the Portland area go there and buy a comfy soft black obsidian sweater or a delightful silk dupioni hand stitched necktie. hell you can even order either one of my tailored jackets in your size through them. do it!

LOCATED: SW 10th near stark on the streetcar line stop at 10th and stark, open M-S 11-7 and Sunday 12-6


the next anita bryant…beware

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evil bitch

evil bitch

so apparently that bitch face from california who hates homos is off to start working with a conservative group to ban same-sex marriage. what a nasty little bitch. someone who hates others that much that they feel the need to B AN them from participating in certain aspects of society need to get a reality check. watchout homos of the world as the grip of anita bryant jr. spouting hate filled messages and buttering them up with good looks is going to be all over our asses soon enough.  i mean come on! protect marriage from what???? when the gays get hitched do they suddenly run from house to house tearing up the marriage certificates of straights? nope. are we going to suddenly start tearing up the streets and burning down the houses of the married? nope. seems like these groups have it a bit backwards, have we learned nothing from history? after telling people no no no no no no no for years and years somethigns gonna give. the womens movement the civil rights movement the gay movement till now, have all come under immense pressure and erupted into a slew of violence and hatred from bothsides. give it up people! one day the gays are going to snap again over this issue and when they do your the ones who are going to end up  looking alot like the third reich. tolerate not hate

Guest Judge April 30th!

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I am going to be the guest judge at the Portland Drag Race on thursday april 30th from 8-12pm. This is a weekly competition to test the tried and true drag performers in the Portland area and judge them on different challenges each week till a winner, and “queen bee” is crowned. I will be on hand to help in the judging of the red dress competition. come by and see us at the Red Cap!dragracewebsite_10

red threads cancelled!!!

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unfortunately the red threads for model citizens event appears to be cancelled. but all is not lost as Kevin aka Poison Waters loves his dress and plans on wearing it for multiple occasions including one I might be a part of that i should not talk about just yet….. but it should be exciting!

i waited too long…

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the glasses are gone. sad.il_430xn_608472151

my fall line is coming soon

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hope to have it done by mid-may… its based on geometric theory